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Why Flat? Starting Points

I’ve practices flat organization in a few contexts: as a small business owner, as an activist, and as an employee. It feels right to me. It feels like the space wherein I’m most creative and productive. But why? Is it a quirk of my personality or personal history? Or am I on to something?

Some of my starting points, off the top of my head:

  • People are creative
  • People care about each other
  • People want to succeed together
  • Flat means no capricious authority
  • Flat means you decide how you work
  • Flat means you have a say in the definition of success
  • Flat means you own outcomes, good or bad
  • Flat means you solve problems instead of being stuck with them
  • Flat means your co-workers matter
  • Flat means learning
  • Flat means higher expectations
  • Flat means nothing is safe from questions
  • Flat means decisions take longer
  • Flat means decisions are better
  • Flat means work is challenging
  • Flat means work is meaningful